I’m thinking that maybe I might have taken on a little much this month!

I am still editing my junior fiction story, before I send it out into the world to earn its keep. The process just seems to take for ever! I’ve now decided that an entire re-write is in order, so you’d barely recognise a word of the original version.

Meanwhile, I’m also writing a the first draft of a children’s film script, as part of a scriptwriting course I am doing. Which is challenging to think so visually whilst still writing in a novel style for other projects. I’ve been using Celtx software to help write the script and have recommended it to all on the course, because it is so fantastic and so amazingly free!

Amongst the other projects I am still attempting the crazy novel writing challenge, nanowrimo. I refuse to back down, yet, although next week could be a different story.  I am very happy to be over the 10,000 word mark though, even if it was a little later than planned. I am absolutely astonished at the speed that these people type/think/write at, some of them had comfortably reached the 50,000 word goal before the end of the first week! My hat goes off to you all, I am in awe.


National Novel Writing Month has begun

Well, my first two days of attempting to write 50,000 words in the month of November have gone and I’m just a little under the target of 1,667 words per day.

I must confess I am used to being economical with my words, I mainly write children’s fiction so the idea of stretching my wordy limits is rather challenging. Especially considering last week I was working on picture book stories!

It’s all in the preparation

Well, so I’ve heard 🙂 So I am tying up loose ends and clearing my workload in preparation for that mad and crazy novel writing event, known as NaNoWriMo! Where people across the globe write frantically to complete a Novel in a month!

I am a little daunted myself, so I thought it best to clear the desk as much as possible for the best chance of success.

I have just finished an entry for the Joy Cowley Picture Book Award, run by Storylines and sponsored by Scholastic NZ. Entries need to be in the post by 31st October 2009, so if you have a picture book manuscript lying around – dust it off, make it shine and get it in the post quick!

I am also revising a Junior Fiction story and hoping to get that out of the way before my head gets filled with threads and plots of a Nano story.

Uh Oh it’s NaNoWriMo!

Indeed, it is the time that many people across the globe come together, via the aid of the internet, to join in their writing frenzies and bash out a 50,000 word novel in a month!

Are you mad enough to join me? NaNoWriMo

This is the first time I will have attempted to achieve this crazy feat. I hear that it can literally take over your world and for me to succeed, it probably needs to. So friends and family let me apologise now if you don’t hear from me all month!

Tidy Up Time!

It’s been a while since I paid much attention to this blog of mine, so I am tidying it up, dusting it down and giving it a new lease of life.

Most of the previous posts have been scrapped, as they mostly mentioned lots of things I intended to do. It’s weird reading over old posts in bulk, you tend to pick up on themes.  So, no longer the Faff-a-lot Queen, I shall be Little Miss Get it done!

Let the tidying begin!

Script Frenzy Madness!


The madness has begun!

Script Frenzy has just started, for those that don’t know that means a mad month of scriptwriting in April, and in our New Zealand timezone we’re already writing!

I’ve just downloaded Celtx software to make the process a bit easier and I would definitely recommend it, its easy to get your head around and… its FREE!

I admit I have been a bit crazy signing up for this as we’re on holiday for at least two weeks in April, but I figured any words are better than none, so I’m gonna give it a try.

Well here goes, wish me luck… Lights out… and Fade In…

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